“The Tangible Effect Of Love” on, Florida

A review by Robert S. Silverstein in US webzine, spring 2013.

The Loved Drones

The Loved Drones

By Robert S. Silverstein, US webzine, “Record Label and Music Spotlight” issue, spring 2013.

FREAKSVILLE RECORDS – That great cover art alone makes this CD worth picking up. We’re talking about the 2012 CD release of “The Tangible Effect Of Love” by the France based group called The Loved Drones. Funny, some of the eight track CD sounds like Isaac Hayes jamming with Stereolab or German avant gardists Faust and one track in particular here—track 5, entitled “The Hindenburg Omen” sounds a bit like French jazz rockers Coincidence back in 1978. It’s just that good. Of course, there’s so much variety on the CD. It’s mostly instrumental, futuristic and experimental fusion based but there’s several offbeat vocals that sit nicely over some synth driven fusion jams. The brainchild of the multitalented Benjamin Schoos, The Loved Drones sound both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Schoos gets solid support from his Loved Drones mates and the whole album is perfectly exotic sonic bliss.

Link to the “Record Label and Music Spotlight” issue, spring 2013.

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