Excellent jazz-synth jams from the Eurozone

The Loved Drones’ Tangible Effect Of Love, a review by Peter Watts in Uncut magazine, January 2013.

The Loved Drones

The Loved Drones
The Tangible Effect Of Love

Excellent jazz-synth jams from the Eurozone.
Eclectic Anglo-French instrumentalists The Loved Drones, led by Benjamin Schoos, have pulled off something pretty neat with their debut, which combines ace driving synthy ’80s rock jams with an underlying dance-loving funkiness. Although the template is similar and songs have a tendency to outstay their welcome, there’s much variety in approach, from the brilliantly groovy Kraftwerk-meets-ZZ Top “Redcity” which gets pulses racing, to the beautiful, Stereolab-like, Sunday-morning comedown “Cosmic Memories”, the sultry “The Hindenberg Omen” and the slinkily creative “Psychotic Educational Sex TV”, one of many to benefit from Jean-Francois Hustin’s jazz flute.

Peter Watts.

The Loved Drones

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