Mademoiselle nineteen goes rock

Awesome demo by The Mash inspired by Charlotte Beaudry’s work.

FMademoiselle nineteen

When we shooted Charlotte Beaudry’s “Mademoiselle nineteen” videos in january, Maxime Wathieu was on the set as a sound engineer, and he did it well !! See below, recording Nastasja.

Mademoiselle nineteen

Mademoiselle nineteen

Photos by Marc Wathieu.

But most of all, Maxime is the singer and composer of “The Mash”, a belgian young rock trio, touring a lot around here and already having a large and growing amount of fans. They released their first single “Good Day To Die” on iTunes a few months ago (check it here) and are about to record an album to be released next year.

The Mash by Jean Mahaux

Photo by Jean Mahaux.

In the rush to complete her project, Charlotte asked Maxime for a song on that theme, nineteen old girls, being himself twenty. One day Charlotte received an amazing mp3 in her mailbox, obviously called “Mademoiselle 19”, performed and recorded by Maxime as a demo-tape for a future production by The Mash !

Have a listen here :

Charlotte would have loved the boys to play in Basel at the opening of her “Mademoiselle nineteen” show at von Bartha Garage, but it sounded a lot complicated. Let’s guess it would be possible for Charlotte Beaudry next she-don’t-know-where-yet show in Belgium next year ? Wow : paintings, videos, some beers AND The Mash, what more ?


  • Pictures of Charlotte Beaudry’s “Mademoiselle nineteen” show at Von Bartha Garage, may, 2010.
  • Making of pictures of Charlotte Beaudry’s “Mademoiselle nineteen” set and shooting.
  • The Mash on Myspace.
  • The Mash official website.
  • Maxime’s blog.
  • “The Mash : Good Day To Die” iTunes page.
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