production artistique ou exécutive pour les yeux ou les oreilles, depuis 1990.
art or executive production for ears or eyes, since 1990.

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2006 : Freaksville Record : Sophie Galet : Cyclus : guitar session.

• Sophie Galet : Cyclus.

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Credits :

Composed and written by Sophie Galet and Benjamin Schoos.

Bass : Benoît Poncin.
Acoustic Guitar : Benjamin Schoos, Marc Morgan.
Keyboards : Georges Hermans.
Electric Guitar : Jérôme Mardaga.
Drum : Marcus Weymaer.
Vocoder : Grumph.
Dobro : Marc Morgan.
Organ : Benjamin Schoos.

Recorded By Grumph.

Produced by Benjamin Schoos.

Artwork : Sophie Galet.
Photography : Pascal Schyns.

About :

Sophie Galet appeard with a beautiful debut album ‘Cyclus’,that officially came out in Belgium in april 2006. From acoustic pop ballads to intimate folk songs, this first album, rich in seventies’s sounds (rhodes, wurlitzer) gave her this opportunity to express herself as both a songwriter and a delicate vocalist, as she signed 4 tracks and co-writed 5 of the 13 componing this first album with the well known belgian artist Benjamin Schoos (Miam Monster Miam), an ideal artistic producer.

At the birth of this album, a year off in London inspired Sophie her first songs for Cyclus. With the precious help of Benjamin Schoos , they selected some of them and made new ones, choosing the musical colours appropriated to her pure and melancholic voice.. A very sweet and apeasing international record …

Between london (1993) and Seraing (Belgium 2005), Sophie invested herself in music, singing backvocals on the three last albums of Miam Monster miam (Hey Tank !; Forgotten ladies, Soleil Noir) and followed him on stage for more than 40 concerts all over their country(dour festival, Nuits du Botanique, Francofolies de Spa,…).

Now, she realised her own project she's still sharing her creative energy in playing drums and lending her sweet voice to 'Freaksville record', a Belgian label producing it's first artists : Jacques Duvall, Juan d'Oultremont and Miam Monster Miam ... Her principal sources of inspiration are nature, human beeings and the personnal link she makes between both.

À propos :

Cyclus est le premier album délicat de Sophie Galet. Artiste à la voix unique, légère et touchante, Sophie signe avec discrétion et élégance un premier album remarquable de folk intimiste entre Joni Mitchell et Françoise Hardy période anglaise. Disque de contemplation, ce premier recueil contient quelques magnifiques chansons intemporelles

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